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  1. Baahu says

    The link does not work…govt agencies have delivered what is expected from them..sloppy product.

  2. Rahul says

    When I enter my detail then show message only “You Account is Markes In-Operative account. Please contact specify EPF office”

    What is mean ?

    • Pankaj Batra says

      After three years of inactivity, accounts are marked in-operative. May be that could be the reason.

      • Rahul says

        I am with Company from Last 11 years I am with company from april, 2000 and My PF deduct from my a/c continuesly so why it is In-active Please clear my doubt I am worry

      • manish says

        Pata nahi yeh government ki website kab kam karegi,

  3. pranab kishore mohapatra says

    how much my PF balance amount. My current account no is OR/RKL/0000008/0003672

  4. Kamal says

    I have my PF account in Bangalore. When I enter the account number, it says “Invalid Member ID”, why so?

    • Pankaj Batra says

      It happened with me too for two of my accounts.
      This online balance check utility is mostly useless.

  5. Gangesh says

    tried multiple times but getting error “Operation timed out”. 🙁

  6. Bhaskar says

    Yep, another PF account from Bangalore and mine says “Invalid member ID”…

  7. Bhaskar says

    Yes, another crap work by govt agencies. Very clearly, nobody did the sizing of the server and performance testing. The link never works. These govt employees & babus should be all fired ! Just like our politicians, there is no accountability. Before throwing open a facility with so much fanfare, one should have the sense to test it at least for load ! I suspect that this shoddy work is done by NIC i.e. the most infamous and patheric govt dept

    • Pankaj Batra says

      Yes, this is another crap from Govt departments. Incidentally they have been working of this systems for years now 🙂
      New pension scheme(NPS) is in a much better state, but nobody is pushing it to the public.
      May be, Nandan Nilekani should add EPF department also to his TAGUP project (NPS is already there in list).

    • Gangesh says

      I tried during low traffic hours and I was “Invalid member ID”. Is it that they updated only few accounts details. My PF account starts with KN/WF, any idea if these are also updated.

      • Pankaj Batra says

        Many of the account displays same message as “Invalid Member Id”
        Probably records are not updated properly. It should be rectified in some time.
        Given that PF department is most inefficient in handling operations, it may take longer time.

    • Utpal says

      That’s why there is a word called “Govt. Khataa”.

      I am a software engineer, give this product to me and I will make it error-less within a month. I just need 200 Data-Entry operators for 1 crore data. And so, more if more data.
      Also performance will be fine, I guarantee…..

  8. Rajesh S says

    Hi Pankaj,

    I am in bangalore and this link worked for me. Thanks!!!!
    As you mentioned, it shows account balance till 31-03-2001, which is really disappointing. Any idea, by when we can have this updated till 31-03-2001 at least.

    Also, the Balance does not match with the amount whats being deducted as per my salary slip, the difference is around 5% – 7% in Employee Contribution and around 15% – 20% in Employer contribution. What could be the reason? should I contact to my employer for this.

    Thank you

    • Pankaj Batra says

      No idea, by when they will be updating full accounts.
      Difference in employer contribution balance will be due to Pension fund contribution, which is not shown in PF balance.
      Pension fund contribution will be around 541 per month.
      Difference in employee contribution can be due to your interest computation. Interest computation follows a different formula. Interest is added only at the end of year (Feb end) for whole year.

  9. Mandeep says

    I got the same SMS from EPF office but would be great if you can explain what do they mean by EE and ER

    • Pankaj Batra says

      EE is for employee portion balance and ER is employer portion balance.

      • Mandeep says


      • Manish says

        I have applied for the PF withdrawal and the status message says that “EE Amt: Rs 34641/-, ER Amt: Rs 26717/- as on 29-06-2011 (Accounts Updated upto 31-03-2010)- EPFO”
        So how much amount i will get in refund before or after tax deduction?

        • Pankaj Batra says

          As this record is till 31 March 2010, you will get more than 61000 shown here plus amount contributed to pension fund.
          If five year service is not completed, withdrawal amount is taxable, but PF department does not deduct TDS as of now.

  10. suresh says

    Dear Pankaj, i work in a pvt. Ltd. cmpany here in okhla, my problem is, that my company is deducting double PF (24%) from my salary, is it legal or illigal? my sceond question is, can i withdraw my PF any time or at any imergency or i have to leave this company then only i can withdraw my PF as said by this company acount person when i discussed with him in this regard.


    • Senthil says

      Mandate is 12% only but if an employee desires he can contribute more. But Company cannot deduct its share from the employees salaries.IT IS ILLEGAL.



  11. Deepak says


    I used this service and got the following SMS:

    “EPF Balance in A/C No. DL/CPM/XXXXXX/000/XXX is EE Amt: Rs 115655, ER Amt: 99017 as on 29-06-11 (Accounts updated upto 31-03-2009) – EPFO”

    Does it mean the Employee contribution is 115655 and Employer is 99017 and it’s the balance till 31-03-2009 ? Does this amount includes the interst accrual as well ? As per my calculation it doesn’t . I was with company from Nov-2006 to Jul-2010, so PF for Apr-2009 to Jul-2010 is not yet updated in the system?

    • Pankaj Batra says

      This is the amount with interest as on 31-03-2009, interest and amount deposited after this is not included.
      115655 is employee contribution and 99017 is employer one. Employer contribution is less because of pension fund contribution (around 541 per month).

      • Deepak says

        @Pankaj, Thanks,
        Do you know when does the interest is calculated and credited in account ? I have submitted the application for PF withdrawal, will i also get the pension fund contribution?

        • Pankaj Batra says

          EPF interest computation is a bit complex one. Please read below for the computation logic.
          Monthly interest is computed by formula:
          (Sum of all contributions till previous month end + sum of all interests earned till last February end) x (annual rate of interest/(12×100))
          This is computed on employer and employee contribution separately.
          Pension fund is deducted from employer contribution every month (Around Rs 541 pm). If you have filled withdrawal form for pension fund also, you will get refund for that too.

  12. Employee says

    Why this EPFO sending SMS on mobile numbers, they could have shown the balance on the same web page.

  13. Saket Sidana says

    Guys … not working…invalid member id or always shows …..loading…loading…loading…please suggest them IDEM….3g….:)

  14. harsh says

    it is working and msg will receive on mobile

  15. Biju says

    Hi Pankaj,

    My PF withdrawal DS/NHP/934745/102 is under process since 10.03.2011. Its of Delhi South office. 2 online grievances filed, both of them closed by saying pending due to implementation of new software.

    Im located at mumbai. Is there anything, you can do to help? or
    Is there any Agents in delhi who can help me to get the withdrawal done against a service charge?



    • Pankaj Batra says

      I also have similar issue and two of my EPF withdrawal are stuck with EPF South Delhi office.
      They gave same reason in online grievance filed.

      There is little which can be done at this point considering attitude of PF department. We will have to just wait and watch.
      New software implementation has been done as online balance check application is open now. Lets see now much more time they take.

      You can keep filing grievance after 10-15 days from when the earlier is closed. Someday they will have to act on it.
      Another thing which can be done is filing a RTI asking when the new software implementation will be over.

      There might be some middle men (so called PF agents) in Delhi who can pay bribe to corrupt PF officer to fasten the withdrawal process, but we don’t know such people and don’t want to feed the corrupt system.

      • Biju says

        Thanks for the reply… Hope some day some Labour Ministry Official read these blogs and try to address issues/ improve system… Am I expecting too much from them, YES, Right? 🙂 they dont even read their official mails!!! Its quite surprising to note that earlier RPFC of Delhi South is being investigated (Courtesy: News)!!!…

  16. sbhatia says

    Hi Pankaj, got a questions for you which I assume might have been answered earlier as well. I have a PPF account with SBI and want to transfer funds online via Citibank. Would you know if that is possible through EFT ?


    • Pankaj Batra says

      Online transfer to SBI PPF can only be done through a linked online SBI account. If you also hold a SBI savings account, you can get your PPF account linked.
      But better is to get deposits done through any PPF agents, as they give some commission (around 0.5%).

  17. PRABHAT says

    pankaj ji aap ne jo income tax calculator excel format me upload kiye me usko download kiya sub kuch dikha raha he but me ye samajhna chahta hu ki iska jo formula he o kaha kahan aur kaise laga he but jab me double click karta hu tab ye password protected dikha ta he, sir please give me your password for such protected sheet.

    I will be thank full to you.
    Prabhat Kumar Rout.

  18. K S POULOSE says

    i have tried many time , but it shows busy network

  19. pawan kumar says

    hi pankaj
    I am pawan kumar working at dmrc in New delhi my PF A/C No.DL-20659 PLEASE GIVE DETAIL

    • Pankaj Batra says

      @Pawan Kumar
      You can check status yourself on the provided link.

      • Manish says

        Hi Pankaj,
        When ever i try to go to ” Check your claim status” page on site, it says the page has been moved . Do u have the URL to access that claim status page?

        • Pankaj Batra says

          URL for EPF claim status is still the same.
          Its just that, like other Govt websites, it does not work most the the times.

          • Manish says

            Finally, i am able to see the claim status.That page finally worked.
            Its showing that the request for PF claim has been submitted on 7/7/2011, do u have any idea how much more time they will take approximately?

  20. Hanumantharaju Ramaiah says

    Hi My PF account is in bangalore Number starts with KN/WF/35821/1789 . when i visit to the site there is no option for entering the KN and WF since the first two entries is always showing BG and BNG and when i typed the rest of the things (35821 and 1789 as establishment code emp code ) . i get a response as invalid member id . i think this issue might be there for all those users whose PF number starts with KN . is there any solution to it . it woould be great if someone responds to this

    • pankaj says

      Same problem with me…my Pf number is KN/244**/23**…when i enter It shows invalid id…why I don’t know….what is the problem…? can any body help ?

      • Pankaj Batra says

        You will have to wait for some more months (or years) for Govt websites to improve and show correct statuses.

    • Pankaj Batra says

      Your query has been answered on

      • SUBRAT says

        Hi Pankaj..thanks a is reaaly helpful.
        May I request you to tell us the full form of EE and ER ?

        • Aadil says

          EE stands for Employees contribution and the ER stands for Employers contribution

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