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Check TDS deduction, income tax refund Online

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Just out of curiosity and to learn more, for past few years, I have been calculating tax, making whatever extra payment other than TDS online, filling return forms and submitting tax return myself. I am always excited to try new ways government implements.

I registered myself 3 years back to view tax credits paid by my employer as TDS. You can also register here : Check you tax credits. You can also download Form 26 AS here and see how much tax has been deposited on your name from your employer or any other firm.

You can view it to verify if the tax payments made by you or TDS deducted from salary or interest etc are correctly reported to the income tax department. You can also check income tax refund from previous year in the same form.

Now the same can also be checked from View Tax credit statement (Form 26 AS) section under  “My Account” menu in Income tax e-filing website after login.

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  1. SEEMA says

    I am in govt service. issued form-16 from my office – NIL tax payable. i have taken houseloan from office as well as from SBI. i m residing in the flat for which i have taken loan. so i think i should have to fill up ITR-1 FORM. AM I right or not…please reply at my ID as i dont know much about net.

    • Pankaj Batra says

      You need to fill ITR 2 form If you have taken house loan benefit in income tax deductions.
      If you have not taken house loan benefit then you can fill ITR-1 also.

  2. vineeth says

    I am in pvt service employee . i m residing in the rented home so i think i should have to fill up ITR-4 FORM. AM I right or not…please reply at my ID as i dont know much about net. [email protected]

    • Pankaj Batra says

      If your income is only from salary and/or bank interests, then you have to fill ITR1.

  3. meena ray says

    which site is shd go to get my refund back?
    already filed a return , but not received refunds

  4. meena ray says

    wht is the exemtion limit on tax saving mutual funds?

    • Pankaj Batra says

      Only investment upto Rs 1 Lakh in ELSS (equity linked saving scheme) mutual fund will be non taxable as per current income tax law.


        I have deposit a sum of Rs.9,000/- mistakely in the account of government as the TDS

        through Internet Banking .

        In which way I can receive my payment back.

        • Pankaj Batra says

          Only way now is to ask for income tax refund in the return.

  5. Mahammad jafar agadi says

    i am working in pvt. insurance co. as an adviser and TDS has been deducted from my commission
    pls tell me in which ITR i have to fill my IT returns

    • Pankaj Batra says

      You have to fill ITR 4 as you have income from business/profession.

  6. JAGANATHAN says


  7. JAGANATHAN says

    why is there more than 2 yrs delay for refund ay 2009-10

  8. MD AKHTAR KHAN says

    this is md akhtar khan how can i refund my tds amount i have form 16A and what is the proses, and how many time it will take,PLS SUGEST.

    • Pankaj Batra says

      @MD Akhtar
      You will have to file income tax return in order to get tax return.
      Last date of filing income tax return for financial year 2010-11 is 31st July, 2011.
      Once you file that, refund will be come in next one year.

  9. Supraja says

    Hi Pankaj,

    I have filled ITR for Assesment year 2007-2008 and 2008-2009. But till now i didn’t get my amount. How to check the status?
    2007-2008 I filled from intermediate organization they gave me acknowledge form once submitted and If i check in ITD site it is showing no record.

  10. Vimal Mishra says

    Sir i am vimal mishra, frm ggn , i’m new in taxation, plz give me more detail abt tax &etc.

  11. Prasad says

    Hi Pankaj,

    In Form 16 the tax payable/refundable is mentioned as Rs -1250. But in the IT returns the tax payable is mention as Rs 4045.

    The total income tax liability as provided by Taxpayer is mentioned as Rs 1269 whereas it is Rs 6526 as computed under section 143(1).
    Also the aggregate deduction deduction under chapter VI a is Rs 51384 which is not considered in the IT return

    Why there is mismatch in Form 16 and IT return?

    Also how can I apply for IT returns of 2008-09 and 2009-10.


    • Pankaj Batra says

      I am not able to understand your question fully.
      Form 16 is issued by your employer and IT return must have been filed by you.
      So you should have calculated amounts correctly (as per form 16 provided) while filing income tax return.

      Does anybody else had filled and filed income tax return for you?

  12. Prasad says

    I have filed the IT return. But had made mistake in aggregate deduction. Can I correct it and apply again online?

    Also how can I file IT returns of 2008-09 and 2009-10.

    • Pankaj Batra says

      In case, you filed return online, you can submit rectification, else You can file a revised return.
      Income tax department has introduced new facility for online submission of rectification request in cases where processing was completed by CPC Bangalore. Please review the guide for common errors to first rectify the return submitted and generate the rectification xml using excel utility (same utility is to be used). Taxpayer can log in My Account-> Rectification-> Rectification upload and follow instructions to upload the rectification xml file. The rectification request will be processed at CPC and if found acceptable, then a rectification order u/s154 will be issued. Please see manual for submission of rectification request. Please note that this facility is only for E-returns processed at CPC.

      For previous years, you can file manually in your local income tax office.

  13. S.VENKATESHA says


    • Pankaj Batra says

      You may check form 26AS in order to get details for the same. The same can also be checked from View Tax credit statement (Form 26 AS) section under “My Account” menu in Income tax e-filing website after login.

  14. Prasad says

    Thanks Pankaj. I have raised an online request for rectification. Do I have to send any documents to CPC by post?
    When and how will I come to know about the rectification approval?

    IT helpdesk people said that you cannot file for previous years IT returns.

    • Pankaj Batra says

      No further action is required for online rectification. Only in case of bank account number change for refund, an account correct response sheet need to be sent.
      You will get email notification once rectification is done.

      • Prasad says

        Hi Pankaj,

        Unfortunately my E-Rectification got Rejected. Can I check why it got rejected?
        How can I correct the same?

        Thanks in advance.

        • Pankaj Batra says

          You should check status for the same in online login at e-filing website.
          If that does not show same, you should call income tax department call center on 1800-425-2229 (Toll free) or 080-43456700.

  15. Jenish Thomas P T says

    Hi pankaj,
    How do i apply refund of TDS online,is the process complicated? request you to help me with link for online application

  16. Deepak says

    Hi Pankaj,

    I m earning gross 3 lakhs per anum and according to TAX calculator, I need to pay 14,317.00 Including surcharge,EC & SHEC.
    Can you please tell me on which basis its calcutaled?
    Also, how can I save my income tax deduction for this financial year?



    • D sagar says

      There are two interest rate on late deposit of TDS as below:-
      1) 1% : period for which interest is payable “from the date on which tax was
      deducted to the date on which tax is actually deducted” and
      2) 1.5%: period for which interest is payable “from the date on which tax was
      actually deducted to the date on which tax is actually paid”

      • D sagar says

        The above rates are monthly basis

  18. Aman says

    wat is the procedure to change bank account number on refund order issued by CPC, banglore??????

    • Pankaj Batra says

      Please contact your local income tax office in this case.

  19. Arti says

    Where to put service tax(200 rs/ month) , HRA excempt , Medical Bill Excempy, Conveniyence allowance excempt in ITR 1.

    • Pankaj Batra says

      Income tax return does not have provision for any of these, it has to be declared with employer. On form-16, employer will show net taxable salary after all these deductions, which has to be put in ITR.

  20. Arti says

    Filling up ITR form is very confusing.

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