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File Income Tax Return Online

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From assessment year 2013-14, E-filing has been made compulsory for the person who is an individual or a Hindu undivided family (HUF), if his or its total income, or the total income in respect of which he is or it is assessable under the act during the previous year, exceeds Rs. 5 lakh rupees for the assessment year 2013-14 onwards. It clearly states total income and not taxable income.

Please read below to know how you can file income tax return online yourself.


Calculate Income tax

You can calculate your income tax payable using the income tax calculator provided at this page: Income tax calculator. Income tax return excel utility also computes income tax, but they only take taxable income as input.
Also make sure that you also see whether the advance tax has been paid on time (See row 101-104 in tax calculator). In case you have paid the full tax but not paid on time as per the advance tax schedule, you are liable to pay interest under section 234 C. Income tax return excel utility also computes interest penalty u/s 234C.

Pay your tax online

Whatever pending amount you need to pay can be paid online on this link: Pay Taxes Online (Use only Internet explorer for this).
Select challan type as CHALLAN NO. /ITNS 280 and continue.
Select (0021) INCOME-TAX (OTHER THAN COMPANIES) in tax applicable field and
Select (300) SELF ASSESSMENT TAX in type of payment.
Select bank through which you want to pay.

Make sure to add interest penalty as computed by income tax return excel form u/s 234A, 234B and 234C in case of tax payments after due date.

You also pay through your net banking login on Axis Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, State Bank of Patiala, Bank of Baroda, IDBI Bank, State Bank of Mysore, Bank of Maharashtra, State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of Saurashtra, Union Bank of India, Allahabad Bank, Dena Bank, Syndicate Bank, ICICI Bank, State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Canara Bank, Indian Bank, Bank of India, Corporation Bank, State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur, State Bank of Travancore, State Bank of Indore, Vijaya Bank and HDFC Bank.

You can check online if your money has actually reached the I-T Department. For this you have to go to Tax Information Network Website and click the box CIN Based View. Provide details as per the receipt generated while online tax payment.

Fill Income tax return form

Download respective income tax form from income tax website. Income tax department has modified the return preparation software to include automatic calculation of tax and interest.

Income from Salary/Pension, interest and single house property ( but with exempt income is less than Rs. 5,000) : ITR-1

Income from more than one house property, capital gains, salaries, pension, interest and exempt income more than Rs 5,000: ITR-2

Income from partnership in a firm: ITR-3

Income from business/profession: ITR-4

Income from Presumptive Business: ITR-4S

Exempt income here includes transport/conveyance allowance, HRA exemption, agricultural income, insurance maturity amount, LTA, Gratuity, Interest on PPF balance, Leave Encashment, Income from Mutual Funds, Dividends and long term capital gains.

Fill up the form with information provided in Form-16 and the tax calculated in income tax calculator above in Step 1.

If you don’t know Assessing Officer (Ward / Circle), Find it here by submitting your PAN.

After filling up the form, Generate tax return XML from the income tax form by clicking Generate button on first sheet of excels form.

e-File income tax return

After you have created a XML file from income tax return excel form, Go to Income Tax e-Filing Website.
Create your login on this page on website. It’s not mandatory, to use a digital signature for electronically filing the return.

a) Filing return without digital signature:

Login to income tax site and click on assessment year under submit return menu on left side of page.
Upload the generated XML on this page for 2012-13 assessment year.
On successful upload acknowledgment details would be displayed.

Take printout of acknowledgment/ITR-V Form. You may also download it later. Login and go to link on top right My account > My Returns.

Form ITR-V has to be submitted with the Income tax Department as verification of the electronic filing of the return within 120 days after the date of e-Filing.

Form ITR-V is bar-coded, so it need not to be folded and to be mailed in a A4 size envelope BY ORDINARY or SPEED POST ONLY to “Income Tax Department – CPC, Post Box No – 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bengaluru – 560100, Karnataka” within 120 days after the date of e-filing of return. ITR-V sent by Registered Post or Courier will not be accepted. No Form ITR-V shall be received in any other office of the Income-tax Department or in any other manner. Please keep a copy of the same with you also. After some day of posting the ITR-V, you can check status of receipt by going into account ‘My Account’ -> ‘E-filing Process Status’.

From year 2012-13, even if a person does not have digital signature, he can file online and even does not need to send ITR-V copy to Bangalore CPC (Central processing centre) address.

An electronic signature would be generated online in income tax efiling website after providing certain information from previous year’s income tax return. On validation of such information, unique PIN would be provided to person on email/SMS. This PIN can be used to file income tax return online without needing digital signature. This will also make sure no further hard copy needs to be sent to department.

b) Filing return with digital signature:

In case you don’t have digital signature and you want to buy that, you can buy class 2 or class 3. You can buy digital signature on e-Mudhra website . Class 2 individual certificate is available for Rs. 285 for 1 year validity.

In case return is filed with digital signature, user may take a printout of the Acknowledgment for his record. The tax-payer is not required to submit the Form ITR-V with the Income-tax Department.

Income tax department call center:

To assist taxpayers, a limited call center service has been established at ITD-CPC, Bangalore. Taxpayer queries on status of ITR-V receipt at CPC, Bangalore will be answered on 080-43456700 between 9:30 AM to 6 PM. The service will be available in English, Hindi and Kannada.

One may also call on 1800-425-2229 (Toll free) or 080-43456700 for status of receipt of ITR-V at CPC, Processing status of e-filed returns, Refund issues and any other information related to processing of returns at CPC.  The working hours of CPC Call center have been extended to 9AM-8PM on all working days.

I hope this article will help many of us and make tax filing Simple & Easy. So please this year Do-It-Yourself.

Feel free to comment/suggest anything that I may have missed.

Note : No hard copy of any kind of proof needs to be submitted along with Income tax return.

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  1. akand says

    what is the standard deduction for salary in FY 13-14, ie AY 14-15?

  2. Ashish says

    Hi Pankaj,
    Yesterday, I filed my income tax return (ITR-1). In the return form, there is Schedul1-TDS, where ‘Income Under Salary’ was pre-filled from Form 26AS. I did not change the same and submitted the return.
    The amount which was pre-filled from Form 26AS was actually ‘Gross Salary’ paid by employer i.e. the amount was before section 10 deductions.
    Today, my friend asked me whether that amount should be ‘Gross Salary’ or ‘Salary after section 10′. Now, I am confused. I searched various sites, but, answer is different everywhere. Can you please guide me what is correct? Also, do I need to file return again in case it should be ‘Salary after section 10’?

    • Pankaj Batra says

      Ideally it should be income chargeable under head salaries only, as name suggests. But if employer has shown gross figure in Form-16 (from where form 26AS picks it), you should not change it.
      There won’t be much issue because of this; if you declare exemption under section 10 in ITR-2 under schedule S.

      • Ashish says

        I have filled ITR-1. There is no provision to specify section 10 items.

        • Pankaj Batra says

          If your exempt income is more than 5,000 u/s 10, you should fill ITR-2 and not ITR-1.

          • Ashish says

            Hi Panakaj, thanks for your guidance as always.

            Can you please advise what should be done now? I have already submitted ITR-1. However, I have not sent the ITRV copy to Bangalore. Can I fill ITR-2 now? If yes, then will it be Original or Revised if I fill it before / after 31-July?

            • Pankaj Batra says

              You need to file a revised return now with ITR-2 file.
              After filing, you should send both ITR-V (from original ITR1 and revised ITR2 returns)

  3. S Sen says

    Nice article but i have few queries
    I am a retired coal india employee. My only sources of income now is pension and interests on savings account,FD from bank.

    1. The taxes on interests have already been taken by TDS as shown in form 16A from bank. But no taxes are levied on pension. So while e filling it showed tax payable as almost 12k. So should i pay the taxes online before e filling and mention the CIN in it? Which challan should i choose while e payment? Tell me the whole process urgently as 31st july is around the corner.

    2. The TDS has been levied by bank at 10% but my interests are coming more than 5 lakhs so does that matter?

    3. Should i fill the pension income and interest income collectively under “income from salary/pension” or fill them out separate i.e pension under “income from salary/pension (tds1)” and interest income under “income from other sources (tds2)”?

    Thank You

    • Pankaj Batra says

      @S Sen
      1. You should pay pending tax payable before filing income tax return. You should go to this link: Click on CHALLAN NO./ITNS 280, choose (0021)INCOME-TAX (OTHER THAN COMPANIES) in tax applicable, select assessment years as 2014-15 and Type Of Payment would be (300)SELF ASSESSMENT TAX.
      2. Bank deduct TDS at lowest rate of 10%. In case your taxable income falls in 20% or 30% slab, the remaining tax needs to be paid by you.
      3. Pension income would go under income from salaries. Interest income would go under income from other sources. You can also claim deduction upto Rs 10,000 for saving bank account interest.

      • S Sen says

        Thank you very much for replying.
        But the tax will calculated on the total amount of pension and interest income right? So no matter much they cut in TDS, i will have to pay the remaining taxes, which will be calculated on total income.
        After paying tax i should quote the CIN in the ITR right? Will it be generated at the end of paying taxes?
        And how to claim deduction in interest income?
        One more query, which employee category should i belong? It should be N.A. right as i am retired coal india employee.
        Thank you

        • Pankaj Batra says

          @S Sen
          Yes, tax would be computed on total income and you would have to pay remaining taxes yourself (after TDS).
          Challan details (BSR code, challan no etc) would be generated instantly once you pay taxes online.
          Interest income deduction can be availed u/s 80TTA. There is an option in ITR to declare same. It be availed Upto Rs 10,000 on saving bank account interest (not on FD and RD interest).
          As you are not in job anymore, you can mention NA in employer category.

          • S Sen says

            Thanks it clears up my doubts. I will pay the taxes but currently i think there is some problem with SBI when i select ATM card payment option. It takes me to a payment gateway with ₹ 1 pre-selected as amount. I don’t know what is that for. But if i proceed, it shows technical error. I will check later or do offline payment

            • Pankaj Batra says

              @S Sen
              There may be some temporary issue with SBI debit cards.
              I would suggest to wait for sometime or try a different payment method (SBI net banking or any other bank account)

              • S Sen says

                Yeah i will see. Dont have net banking facility. Only option will be offline payment by going to bank if all else fails. Can u figure out what that ₹ 1 deduction is about?
                Thank you very much for your swift replies to my queries.

                • S Sen says

                  The e payment didnt work, so i had to stick to offline payment. As i paid via cheque i didnt get the challan number on that day. The bank told i would get after 2 days. Now the last date for e filling is over. I have to file u/s 139(4) right? What will be the interest payable u/s 234A or B or C if my remaining tax to be paid was 12460/-? Can i pay the interest next year? What problems i may face if i file belated retuen except for inability to revise it?
                  Thank you

                  • Pankaj Batra says

                    @S Sen
                    Yes, you would need to file under 139(4) as due date as passed.
                    When you fill return form, it would automatically compute payable interest u/s 234A/B/C.
                    The interest penalty would have to be paid before filing return only. It cannot be paid later.
                    As such there is no issue in filing return late except revision and delay in refund (which is anyways you don’t have).

                    • S Sen says

                      I gave the offline tax via bank through cheque on 30/7 and they told they will give challan on 31/7. I thought i would complete the filing on 31/7. But they gave tge challan on 2/8. Now 234A is showing interest of ₹ 124. Now what to do? I know i shouldn’t have kept this to the end and i am new to this e filling stuff. Please suggest me what to do?

                    • Pankaj Batra says

                      @S Sen
                      I would request you to pay remaining 124 also and file return.
                      You can use your family/friends/relatives net banking/debit cards to pay online if your SBI debit card is still not working.

                    • S Sen says

                      Under what type of payment will my interest go? Is it again self assessment tax? What if i dont pay it now and file.
                      Thank you

                    • Pankaj Batra says

                      @S Sen
                      Yes, it would again go under self assessment tax.
                      If you don’t pay this, there would be a tax demand generated by assessing officer once he assesses your return.

                    • S Sen says

                      Yes, i gave the interest via debit card. The site was working. I would like to thank you very much, Mr. Batra, for this thorough help throughout the procedure. Hopefully, i will not face problem in next filing.
                      Cant we send the ITRV in a normal envelope by folding?
                      Thank you again.

                    • Pankaj Batra says

                      @S Sen
                      Yes, you can send ITR-V in a normal envelope, but please make sure that bar coding is not folded.

                    • S Sen says

                      Hello again. I got the intimation u/s 143(1). There its shows ₹ 130 demand determined. I had paid ₹ 130 before which was actually the interest but it is shown under “unmatched tax payment claims” in the intimation.
                      I paid the tax due in bank and the interest later on via online, both under major head 0021 and minor head 300. So please advise me what to do now

                    • Pankaj Batra says

                      @S Sen
                      Please check form 26AS if these payments are showing under same assessment year.
                      If its there, you can raise a rectification request to reprocess the case.

                    • S Sen says

                      Thank you for the reply. I checked the 26AS and both the payments are visible there. So can you please tell what to select in the “rectification request type” in the rectification request zone. I find the following options-
                      1. Taxpayer is correcting data for tax credit mismatch only
                      2. Taxpayer is correcting data in rectification
                      3. No further data correction required. Reprocess the case
                      So i am confused between 1st and 3rd options. Can u guide me please. Thank you.

                    • Pankaj Batra says

                      @S Sen
                      As there are no changes in your return, you need to select 3, No further data correction required. Reprocess the case

  4. ASR says

    Hi Pankai,

    I’ve a query –

    Case # 1 : If my total income is just from Savings accounts (Total amount is less than INR 10,000) and I’ve put that all in section “Income from other sources (Ensure to fill SCh TDS2)”. Now, I’ve claimed that amount back by putting the same under 80TTA. In this case, Do I need to fill SChedule TDS2 (Details of TDS from income other than salary (As per form 16 A issued by deductor). I’m using JAVA utiliy to file the return.

    Case # 2 : If One have income from salary (less than 2 Lacs) but he got his TDS generated and reported to IT dept and also another income just from interest of savings account (less than 10,000). In this case, what do he need to do with the SCh of TDS2 under “Tax Details” section?

    Kindly help me with this.

    • Pankaj Batra says

      If there is any deduction done by bank on interest (if they have deducted TDS, they would issue form16A also), then same has to be mentioned in Schedule TDS2, else there is no need to fill it.

  5. ASR says

    Ok so, in my case I can just add all the interest earned from saving accounts and put in under head “Income from other sources” and claim the same amount back under section 80TTA?


    • Pankaj Batra says

      Yes, you are correct.
      But make sure that the deduction u/s 80TTA is taken only for interest from saving bank account (not for Fixed deposits or Recurring deposits)

  6. Manoj says

    Hi pankaj my employer made deduction from salary and had challans also but not showing in 26AS form what to do?

    • Pankaj Batra says

      You should ask your employer for same.
      Also please check if they have quoted correct PAN.

  7. jeevan says

    Dear Pankaj,
    First off all I want to salute you for giving the advise to all boarder.

    I have one query regarding second flat which I am planning to buy. My wife will be co owner with me in this property. But she is not earning any income as she is housewife. Hence full emi will be paid from my account only. I have three query on this
    1) as full interest is paid by me, will I get the full tax benefit on the interest on loan?
    2) 70% income which I will get from the property will have to deduct from the net interest that I will get. In this case can I show 100% income generated is going in to my wife account in order to maximize the tax benefit or can I show 50% income from the property to my account as I am Only 50% owner???
    3) let say my parent or my relative is living in this second property which will yield zero income to me.. In this case can I say I am getting zero income from the second property?? How to show this in some in itr???


    • Pankaj Batra says

      1. Yes, if you pay full interest, you would only get full tax benefit on interest.
      2. It won’t be wrong to show whole 100% income going to wife. Rent should also be divided in same ratio in which property is owned.
      3. You will have to show a notional rent on second property. One cannot have more than one property shown as self occupied.

  8. Zubair says

    Hello Mr. Pankaj, I am filing e-return on the government website, In Deduction Under section VI A —> C.7 80DD, I am adding 50000 amount but in the final Refund, amount doesn’t change. i.e. if I add or remove 50k under 80DD (Dependent handicap child) the refund amount is same. How the refund works in this case. I have the relevant certificate.
    Please advice.

    • Pankaj Batra says

      There may be some issue with website.
      Can you try using excel based tool for filing.

  9. ASR says

    Hi Pankaj,

    While sending ITR-V to CPC Bangalore, what need to be filled/declared at this statement?
    “I further declare that I am making this return in my capacity as___________________”.

    Since last 3 years, I am not filling anything in there.Will it create any issues?

    • Pankaj Batra says

      In case of Individual it can be Your Name, Individual or leave this field blank.
      There is no issue if its left blank.

  10. jeevan says

    Dear sir,
    I have got the tax demand notice for year 2012-13. They have calculated the tax demand notice based on the mismatch between TDS and tax re eived by income tax department.
    But I have checked my form 16 and form 26AS for the same year, where TDS is exactly matching. I file this income tax return online.
    My question is
    1) if 26AS is showing amount which is matching with my form 16, then does it mean that all tax calculated in form 16 is reached to income tax department???

    2) is it possible to file the rectification online??? If yes, what is the procedure and which document, will I have to send??

    • Pankaj Batra says

      Form 26AS shows amount received into IT department accounts, so in case form 16 figures and form 26AS matches, there is no issue.
      You need to file a rectification request. This can be done from your online efiling login. You would need to mention CPC order reference number. You should select “No further data correction required, Reprocess the case” for Rectification Request Type and “Tax credit mismatch” as rectification reason.

  11. Anita says

    Pankaj Sir,

    Inspite of repeated requests, my colleague is not getting his refund back for the year 2013-14 as he is receiving Ínvalid IFSC Code message again and again. Everytime we are sending correct IFSC Code, do not understand, why this message is coming.

    Any other method to get his refund back. Can we file ITR for 2013-14 afresh. Please guide us.



    • Pankaj Batra says

      Can you try using a different account (preferably an SBI account)

      • Anita says

        Thank u very much.


  12. Rao says

    Dear Sir, My son is NRI working in UK. He has a LIC Policy and premium is to be paid in Nov. every year is Rs. 23,000. I wish to pay the premium from my account and claim the benefit for the FY 2014-15 (AY 2015-16). I read in a blog that LIC Premium for self, spouse, children (definition of children: dependent or independent, married or bachelor). Pleae clarify. My son does not file any IT Returns in India.

    Also, please clarify whether the 2,50,000 limit is applicable from the FY 2014-14 (AY 2015-16).

    Thanks for all the Help. Regards

    • Pankaj Batra says

      There won’t be any issue in claiming tax deduction for premium paid for your son.
      2.5 lacs tax free slab is applicable from financial year 2014-2015 (AY 2015-16)

      • Rao says

        Thank you very much…

  13. Rajiv says

    I have filed my ITR for the AY 2011-2012 and 2012-2013, as my company deducted TDS from my salary and they are not providing me the form16, as they also did not filed the self ITR of company, Now, what did i do in this case.

    In the AY 2013-2014, i earned from my freelancing job and in the same year i also joined a new company for job. What did i do for now. Can I file 3 years ITR ? Please guide me.


    • Pankaj Batra says

      Yes, you can file income tax return for 3 years now. But as last date has passed, it has to be filed offline.
      Plus, due to late filing, assessing officer can raise penalty demand for Rs 5000 per year.

  14. sunil says

    Sir i didn’t file itr for ay 2013-14.can i file it now.i am a government employe means my sourse of income is salary.and if i can file it now than what i have to select in persnal information coloum A11 during efiling.and what will we my plenty.

    • Pankaj Batra says

      You can file return for AY 2013-14 before 31st March 2015 online.
      IT officer may demand Rs 5000 for late filing, but generally its not asked from normal salary class people.

  15. Amandeep says

    Hi Pankaj
    One of my friend received any intimation order for the assessment year 14-15, in which demand of Rs.9500 was shown.This demand was generated on account of mismatch of Self assessment tax.
    Although this entry of self assessment tax is reflecting in 26AS and all entries pertaining to this tax (bsr code,amount, date etc) have been correctly entered in the e-return (which have been rechecked) still credit for this amount has not been given as per intimation order.
    Now my query is which option to select while filing rectification:
    1.Taxpayer Correcting Data for Tax Credit mismatch only
    2.Taxpayer is correcting the Data in Rectification
    3.No further Data Correction required. Reprocess the case
    If possible kindly also tell about sub options to be selected.
    Thanks a lot..

    • Pankaj Batra says

      “No further data correction is required and reprocess the case”

  16. Siddhesh says

    I have a question, so I have invested in LIC policies that give me rebat under 80C, my premium is about 6687 including tax. My dad says while filing the tax returns I have define the premium without the tax that I pay on the premium is that the case I am confused.

    • Pankaj Batra says

      You should show full payment including taxes for claim.

      • Siddhesh says

        Thanks a lot for your help Pankaj

  17. Pankaj Singh says

    Thank you so much Sir, For this awesome article. I’ve one question for you. My approximate salary upto march 2015 would be rs 4,50,000 INR. Is there any way to save tax on my annual income.

    • Pankaj Batra says

      This page already has all options listed to save tax. Please read and take decision accordingly.

  18. manoj says

    sir pl tell me it return
    i am a goverment employee
    what ITR is applicable for me

    • Pankaj Batra says

      If you only have income from salary, bank interest or one house property, ITR-1 would be applicable.

  19. Sameer says

    Income tax call center is useless and has only regular information. They dont have any replies to such queries.

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