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Check TDS deduction, income tax refund Online

Just out of curiosity and to learn more, for past few years, I have been calculating tax, making whatever extra payment other than TDS online, filling return forms and submitting tax return myself. I am always excited to try new ways government implements.

I registered myself 3 years back to view tax credits paid by my employer as TDS. You can also register here : Check you tax credits. You can also download Form 26 AS here and see how much tax has been deposited on your name from your employer or any other firm.

You can view it to verify if the tax payments made by you or TDS deducted from salary or interest etc are correctly reported to the income tax department. You can also check income tax refund from previous year in the same form.

Now the same can also be checked from View Tax credit statement (Form 26 AS) section under  “My Account” menu in Income tax e-filing website after login.

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  1. Hi Pankaj,
    I’m a salaried person. My income tax this year is more than what is deducted by the employer. I want to deposit the same online. Please let me know if the following procedure is correct.
    1. Go to site
    2. Select challan CHALLAN NO./ITNS 280
    4. Fill up the details and under Type Of Payment* use option (300)SELF ASSESSMENT TAX.
    5. Make the payment at bank site.
    6. Get the details of payment to be used in ITR.
    Please let me know if I need to take care of anything important.

  2. Is it essential to send Form ITR V to Bangalore, if I have not filled by form by e-filing method. I went to ITO to deposit the same. My refund gets delayed by 18 to 36 months

    • @Akhilesh
      If you have not filed online, there is no need to send ITR-V to Bangalore. You will have to deposit ITR form to income tax office in that case.
      In case you want faster refunds, you should file online.

  3. My salute Sir,
    For very prompt reply. I wish refund also comes that fast.

  4. Hi pankaj,

    Thanks for this valuable information. I am still trying to access my account on It shows the password mismatch every time I try to access my account. tried to reset the password and logined again — but still the same thing happening..

    can you help me on this..

    • @Kavita
      Unfortunately I won’t be able to help you out in login on income tax efiling website.
      You may call their call center on 080-26982000 or 1800-425-2229 to get help.

  5. Hi Pankaj,

    from my fix deposit bank cut 20% TDS on intrest,what is the process from I get my money back.I Submitted my PAN no. in bank before the maturity of F.D. Pls Gide me how online file for get reversment of TDS and what is site for this process

    • @Vikas
      You should get form-16A from bank which should have whole TDS amount mentioned in it.
      Once you have this, you can file income tax return to get extra amount deducted as refund.

  6. can u pls help me out…i want 2 knw wheter the TDS amount has been credited in my account….how can i knw about it…

  7. Hi Pankaj,

    I have to get the IT Refund for the Financial Year 2005-2006, I have filed ITR-I that time and filled bank A/C.
    And 6 months later I moved to another company and the aforementioned A/C got closed.
    Now, Is there any way to get that refund back? If Yes, please tell me the procedure to get the refund back.
    Thanks in advance….

  8. Hello sir,
    I want to submit my form 16a return for money. As I was worked in a private organisation, they deducted 10% of my salary as TDS and they given the forms too,
    Now I have the forms with me, now I want to file those copies for the cash refund.
    Please give me any suggestion from your side.

    • @Bharadwaj
      You would need to file income tax returns in order to claim refund of extra tax deducted.
      As form-16A has been issued, it looks like you have worked as consultant and not as an salaried employee, so this income would be treated as income from business/profession.
      You would need to file returns with ITR-4 form. Under section 44AA and 44AB, you may require account maintenance or audit depending on where you fit into on basis of gross receipts.

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