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Check TDS deduction, income tax refund Online

Just out of curiosity and to learn more, for past few years, I have been calculating tax, making whatever extra payment other than TDS online, filling return forms and submitting tax return myself. I am always excited to try new ways government implements.

I registered myself 3 years back to view tax credits paid by my employer as TDS. You can also register here : Check you tax credits. You can also download Form 26 AS here and see how much tax has been deposited on your name from your employer or any other firm.

You can view it to verify if the tax payments made by you or TDS deducted from salary or interest etc are correctly reported to the income tax department. You can also check income tax refund from previous year in the same form.

Now the same can also be checked from View Tax credit statement (Form 26 AS) section under  “My Account” menu in Income tax e-filing website after login.

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  2. Dear Pankaj,

    I wanted to know How do we check an individuals TDS online?


  3. i was working as accounts manager. for the last few years i was working in share market and i have lost the touch of taxation. is there in any training institutes in mumbai . please let me know

    • @Dinesh
      We have no idea about income tax training institutes. Please look for local CA tutors, they may be able to help.

  4. Hi, I’m working in a Software company as a Professional and living in Mumbai as rent basis with my wife only. I’m getting a Fixed amount as a Professional fees, they deduct 10% as a TDS only no other deductions at all. My question is, Can I get rent allowance deduction under 80GG while filing for TDS refund?
    Your kind reply would be appreciated very much.

    • @Navneet
      You can claim benefit for house rent paid under section 80GG, even if your salary structure does not contain this amount.
      There are some conditions for this claim:
      1. It should be occupied by you.
      2. Your spouse/parents should not be paying rent for this house.
      3. You or your spouse should not be owning a house in same city.
      4. You should not be owning house at any other place for which you claim home loan benefit.

      Deduction cannot exceed a. Rs 2000 per month, b. rent paid – 10% of total income, and c. 25% of total income.
      You can claim maximum 24000 deduction for house rent paid as per section 80GG.

  5. Hi, Pankaj
    how it is possible that the person filed my ITR and TDs refund has got the refund cheque on his name of same ammount and at my company address..??
    Is it really possible to do so if one is having good relations with department ??

    • @Pankaj
      It may be possible only when the other person also have same exact name as yours. As refund cheque is issued on income tax payee name only, there may be a chance of this issue.

  6. hello sir,
    i am pankaj sharma from technolab application.
    i have a online jobs and employer site.
    tell me about my income scope. i am new in this area.

  7. My income tax refund cheque for assessment year (2008 -2009) returned undelivered as my address changed. In the site “”, there is a link My Account — “CPC Refund Failure Status” which seems like a way to raise a request for reissue. But the assessment year drop down shows up to (2009-10). There is one more link “143(1)/Refund/154 Service Request” under My Account. For category “Refund Reissue” and sub category “By Paper to new address” there are a few fields for which I am not sure about – Refund Sequence Number, Total Refund Amount, Net amount Refundable. Can you please advise how can I get my refund reissued?

  8. Mr Batra,
    I am an NRI as per IT act (Residing out of india more than 180days), I have a stock broking business which is managed by employee. The brokerage income is credited to me after deduction of TDS. After Paying salary and expenses my income (assuming it as income from Business) is under tax exempt limit. Can i claim tax refund. I am not sure I should file IT return as Resident or NRI. Does NRI individual are treated under different tax slab for taxation.

    Kindly reply jitu1011 at yahoo . com

    • @Jitender
      You should file income tax return even if your profits are below tax exempt limit, as you are NRI.
      You can claim tax refund without any issue. NRI too have same tax slabs as an Indian.

      • I came to know that under sec 195 TDS for NRI has to be 30% flat irrespective of income, Currently the broking company issue me check after deducting TDS at regular rate of resident because at time (2009)I get registered I was resident India and became NRI in 2010-2011, I haven’t updated my status with them as yet because of tedious paper work. Will this have a bad effect If i keep my status unchanged and file return as Resident. All my bank accounts are still under resident status.

        • @Jitender
          TDS rate is flat 30% for NRIs and they have to file income tax return to get refund for extra tax deducted.
          It would be better to get your resident status updated with your bank and get some accounts converted to NRO/NRE.
          If you are not living in India, its not good to file income tax return as resident.

  9. HI Mr, Pankaj how can i come to know that the TDS deducted by the company is deposit to IT dept.?

  10. i want my tds amount A.Y. 2011.2012

  11. Sir,
    I’ve open a salary account in standard chartered bank and I’ve saved Rs.50000 above.
    will the income tax department deduct money from my account?

    • @James
      In case interest in all accounts (savings/fixed deposits etc) held with a bank is more than 10,000 in year, they would deduct 10% TDS on interest.

  12. where to update the Home loan principal and interest amount in ITR 1 while efilling.

    • @Nazrin
      You should use Row 42 (Income from one House Property) as negative value for home loan interest amount.
      For principal amount, use Row 46 u/s 80C.

  13. I am a student i have 5 bank accounts and having 19 lacks in savings a/c 15 lacks in deposits a/c approximately earned interest of Rs.75000 in a year from savings a/c, and Rs.1,35,000 from deposits a/c. and i do not have any other income. i have PAN and update with banks my questions are

    1. will i need to file tax and need to pay any amount to income tax.
    2. will they ask question like “source of money”.
    3. some bank deduct TDS from my deposits a/c. so i am confused with tax calculation.
    4. i want to transfer my savings a/c money into deposits a/c so my question is depositing 40 lacks + in deposits a/c create any problem.
    5. how do i get refund of my TDS amount.
    6. is there is any way to put 40 lacks + in deposits and need not not to pay any tax and TDS. like using 80c and something.

    • @Siddik
      1. As your total income in the year was more than non-taxable range (1.80 lac for FY 2011-12), its mandatory for you to file income tax return. If there is no tax saving investment done, you would need to pay 10.3% income tax on Rs 30,000 (2.1-1.8), that is Rs 3090.
      2. They may ask source of money as you are a student and there are no salaries/business income.
      3. Bank need to deduct TDS @ 10% in case interest in year is more than Rs 10,000. You need to put that into income tax return form. If total tax deducted by all banks is more than Rs 3090, then you would get refund of remaining amount.
      4. As such there won’t be any issue in opening fixed deposits taking money from savings account but this may be reported to income tax department.
      5. Covered under 3rd point.
      6. You can get income tax deduction under different sections like 80C, 80D etc, but they are till a limit only. 80C has 1 lakh limit, 80D has 15,000. After that tax would need to be paid.

  14. If HRA is not shown in Office for exempt, can it be claimed in ITR 1 and get the refund amount.

    • @Nazrin
      There is no provision in ITR forms to claim HRA exemption. Its a employer provided tax benefit and should be claimed with employer.
      However if you want you can reduce taxable amount (by HRA exemption) in ITR and file return. It would now depend on assessing officer to accept same or not. He may ask for further proofs regarding same and reasons why it was not claimed with employer.

  15. Dear Mr. Batra, In case of payment to contractors, should we take the invidual payments made to each contractor in account while deducting TDS or should take entire payments made to all contractors in a/c. eg should payments of 12000 , 14000, 20000 made to A,B,C, should be taken in a/c (in that case only TDS on C will deduct) or entire payment of 46000 should be taken in a/c (in that case TDS on all A,B,C will deduct) while deducting TDS. All contractors are under diff. TDS sections.

    • @Sandeep
      You should consider payments to contractors individually. TDS deduction should depend on their yearly payment.

  16. Dear Mr.Batra , I want to clarify that all payments are on regular monthly basis.

  17. What is the default password for new PAN card numbers to check form 26A.

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