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Aadhaar, Unique Identification (UID) Cards first set issued

Today was a historical day.

In Tembhli village (Nandurbar district, Maharashtra), First set of Multipurpose National Identity Cards (12 digit unique identification number), named as Aadhaar were issued. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) Chief Nandan Nilekani, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi were present at the launch ceremony.

UID aadhaar

Salient features of UID are:

1. Passport and ration cards will still exists and this is not a replacement for that.

2. Third gender apart from Male and Female has also been introduced.

3. UID Number is not mandatory. Anybody who is interested in getting this number will only get this.

4. In case an applicant does not have a ID proof to support him, UID authority can get their identity checked from other govt authorities.

5. Date of birth is not mandatory. This is helpful for people who even don’t know their birth date. Approximate age can be used instead.

6. Any false information may put a penalty of upto 1 crore or life term imprisonment.

7. Apart from Indian citizens, it will also act as a Identification proof for residents of India.

8. No question of caste, religion and language will be asked in application. Only Biometric (finger prints, photograph and iris scan) and demographic information will be captured.

9. Bank accounts can be linked to UIDs.

Soon UID authority will issue advertisement in newspaper and other media to invite people to Aadhaar enrollment camp, so that they can get their UID after submitting their details, photographed and have their fingerprints and iris scanned. Aadhaar numbers will be issued within 20-30 days after that.

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  1. the information about uid cards/aadhaar is very important as far as this is concern .
    so thanks for that information.

  2. Hi Pankaj,
    I dint find suitable thread for my query.
    Mu Query is want to make Finger print document(saying that I am not criminal and tht I am clear) for visa purpose to kuwait.
    Can you tell me how to make it?