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Radio Auto-Rickshaws (Tuk-Tuk) in Gurgaon

After some success of Radio Taxi in NCR, Now Gurgaon will have similar services for Auto-Rickshaws in name of Radio Tuk-Tuk (Radio Autos).
Just call the helpline number (0124-2343434) and rickshaw will be there for the intra-city travel (as of now only inside Gurgaon).

Radio tuk-tuk GurgaonThis service started from November 22, 2010.
This can be a convenience mode of transport for commuters, specially women, in the millennium city.

Operational Timings: Now 24 hours (Earlier it was 6:30 AM till 11:30 PM)


Booking phone number/helpline: 0124-2343434.

Rates: Rs 50 for the first three kilometres and thereafter Rs 8 for every additional kilometre.

1. Global Positioning System (GPS) to track auto position.
2. Free Mobile phone charging socket
3. Panic Button for commuters.
4. Red color auto (Not sure if this is good, keeping in mind the Delhi Red-line private buses history)

All these autos run on CNG (compressed natural gas) and are specially made by TVS Motors.

As of now only 50 autos are on road.

Credential and background of all drivers has been verified to ensure commuter safety.

According to its founder Sulabh Mehra, Since its launch, service is running house-full and they are receving more than 600 calls per day.

Apparently Chandigarh had also started similar service in Sept, 2009. They are operational 24×7. The charges are fixed at Rs.10 for the first kilometer and Rs.8 for subsequent kilometers while between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. there would be an extra charge of 25 percent. Waiting charges is Rs.30 for an hour after free first fifteen minutes. But in march, It was reported that the service is dying a slow death with the reason of Financial loss close to Rs 80,000 per month.

Considering the previous failures of Gurgaon administration plans for within-city transport (City buses, Autos, Cabs, Traffic management etc.) and also the failure of Chandigarh in similar implementation, Its very early to comment on success/failure. Another issue to face is the threats tuk-tuk drivers have started receiving from other normal auto drivers.

Lets keep our fingers crossed and Lets hope an idea of young and 25 years old entrepreneur turns into big success. This city desperately needs intra-city transport.

Update: Another Auto-on-call service has been started on 6th March, 2011. In the name of AutoCall, it will start with 30 GPS-fitted blue colored auto rickshaws. Their operational timings will be 6:30 AM till 11:30 PM and Booking phone number/helpline will be  0124-4844444. Rates: Rs 10 per kilometer and Rs 1 for every 100 meters. Apparently, owner of this service is also a below 30 youngster, Vineet Goel.

White Xpress: Rs. 40 for the first 2 km; and subsequently Rs. 8 per kilometer is charged. The autos are available between 6.30 am to 10 pm, and can also be booked through the hotline service, by calling at 0124-48111111


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  1. Radio Tuk-tuk become worst these days, my personal exp.
    on 10 June i booked auto at 2:45 pm. no sms came and no call….. I called 4-5 times they response yes sir you will get SMS. i wait up to 3:15 pm after that i did arrangement my own. Finally i got SMS at 3:30 pm that contact driver …. 🙂
    what a joke…
    u r doing business or joke man………

    • I agree with you. Its horrible, the call center guys dont know how to speak. There is so much noise at the background you literelly shout….

    • Yes you are right .. even same happened with me ….
      Yesterday 8th September 2011, I received a confirmation call from radio tuktuk at 4:30 PM that auto will reach at 5:15 PM to my office. At 5:30 PM I called up your office and was informed that radio will reach in 10 minutes. At 5:45 AM I called up your office and was informed that radio will reach in 15 minutes. I waited in my office till 6:30 PM but no auto reached to pick me. Also no call came from your office intimating that we cannot provide auto. I was made to wait for 1 and half hour and thereafter also auto did not turned up.

      I have daily pick my 16 months old son on my way back home in the evening from the daycare at 5:30 PM. Yesterday he waited for me in daycare till 7:15 PM and was crying. You can just image from sort of situation he has pass just because of negligence and poor service.

      I somehow managed a rickshaw from my office to IFFCO chowk and after that took an auto to reach home by 8 PM and moreover bad weather added to my miseries. I you would have informed earlier around 4 PM that we cannot provide auto today, I would have looked for some other alternative on time. I was made to wait for 1.5 hours and mobile numbers of 4 autopersons were shared that they will reach to pick me, but nobody turned up.

      Request you to look into this matter and please take action against the person who attended to my calls and informed me that auto is reaching to pick me. Such culprits bring bad name to you organization and invite consumer’s wrath. Also please ensure such thing does not happen in future.

  2. Its required to upgrade the service and standards, However it seems to be ok and no of autos to be increased to 200 and service enhanced upto Manesar. This is good service and other cities in NCR should extend this service like Dharuhera, Bhiwadi needs this service.

  3. Dear Sulabh, I’m working for a leading real estate developer based at Gurgaon, We have been trying in vain to get in touch with Mr. Saurabh Mehra for branding on your Auto service. If this is the way you treat people who want to render your company’s services and also pay you for the same, then I’m sorry to say that its your loss not mine. Besides i still have the options to go to White X press and Auto call.

    I have infact approached already approached and they are willing to do business. God Bless you and your Company.

    Mr. Saurabh Mehra has my contact details, if you still want any piece of my company’s business then have a call/meeting arranged before 05/06/2012.

  4. They have very bad service. Their meter have 10-20% raised readings, They cheat on number of kilometers and charges more than what they promise.

  5. The NCR cities of Gurgaon and Faridabad as well as the satellite township of Panchkula may soon have their own radio taxi services as the state government has invited applications from operators for contract carriage permits.

    The taxis will plug a crucial gap in intra-Gurgaon commuting, which in public transport terms, is entirely dependent on autorickshaws.

    The Haryana government had announced the launch of radio taxi services in these cities as early as in April 2011. Operators such as Meru, which are based out of Delhi, do ply in Gurgaon now but have to pay separate taxes for crossing state borders.

    The secretary of the Gurgaon Regional Transport Authority (RTA), Manoj Khatri, said permits will be granted in three categories – economy cabs, luxury cabs and super-luxury cabs. Operators can apply for the same at his office in the mini-secretariat. He said the cabs will be allowed to operate within a 50 km radius of the district headquarter. Once an operator applies for a permit for a particular car, the RTA will fix which category it will fall under. Broadly, cars like Tata Indica and Indigo will come under the economy category, Toyota Innova under the luxury category and Mercedes and BMW under the super-luxury category.