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    • @Souradeep
      These funds cater to different segment and cannot be compared with each other.
      HDFC Balanced in a hybrid balanced mutual fund whereas HDFC Mid-Cap opportunities fund is a Mid-Cap equity mutual fund.
      Both these funds are one of the best funds in their segment.

      HDFC balanced holds around 65% in equities and rest in debt. Whereas HDFC Mid-cap holds more than 90% in mid-cap stocks.
      HDFC balanced is less risky and good if you want safety of your investments. HDFC mid-cap is high risk-high gain fund.

  1. Hello Pankaj,

    Can you please tell me more about the investment in pension plan schemes ? Which are best schemes available in market and mostly trustworthy ??

    If i invest 50K per year (i am at 28 right now), then how much i can expect at the age of 55 ?